Resources for Children and Divorce

Just as divorce is a life-altering event for adults, it can be a difficult and confusing time for children as well. Adjustments such as moving, changing routines, and trying to make sense of the process can lead to a mix of emotions and reactions. As you try to help your children navigate through this challenging event, it may be helpful to utilize some of the resources below.

Helping Your Child Through a Divorce

This link offers some general guidance for breaking the news to children and helping them to cope with and process emotions. It also provides tips for creating consistency for your child(ren) and ideas for helping them adjust to a new living arrangement.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce

This resource also shares ideas for breaking the news of a divorce to children and breaks down possible reactions by age group. It shares additional ideas about how to help children adjust, such as working with your child’s school and maintaining contact with extended family.  

Activities for Helping Children Deal With Divorce

This link is part of a larger resource designed for families that are experiencing separation and divorce. Activities such as drawing pictures, exercising, and writing stories with your child(ren) can help to nourish your relationship and provide positive emotional benefits. The “Related Publications” section on the right side of the page has additional resources from the guide, including age-specific tips and ideas for healthy communication.

Sesame Street in Communities: Dealing with Divorce

This resource from Sesame Street includes videos, printables, activities, and articles to support children from ages 0-6 as they cope with divorce. At the bottom of the page, there are additional resources for related topics and a link to an app with resources designed for the caregivers of children that are 2-8 years old.  

Published by Lisa Mathews

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