Reasonable Fees

I get it. You need a lawyer and lawyers are expensive. My services are not free and they certainly cost more than going it alone, but I charge less than most.

Mathews Law seeks to provide legal services for those who cannot afford to pay fees charged by most lawyers but also who do not qualify for free legal services.

Flat Rates

For my estate planning clients, I charge flat fees which are below the market rate and which are posted here so that clients know what they will pay before our very first meeting.

Virtual Services

Mathews Law meets with clients virtually when possible which reduces overhead costs but still provides clients with high-quality service. However, in-person meetings are great, too!

Electronic Document Preparation

You can sign your contract with Mathews Law and pass documents back and forth electronically through secure email or Dropbox. This saves time and cost.


Mathews Law also offers mediation to help parties resolve their conflict and come to an agreement that avoids court entirely, if possible. Mathews Law cannot give legal advice to the parties in mediation and instead serves as a neutral support to help you find peace. Learn more about Mathews Law mediation here.

ARAG Legal Insurance

Lisa Mathews works with ARAG and provides services to clients at lower rates through clients’ plan coverage.

I have referred friends and family to her and would use her again if needed.

Satisfied Client

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