COMING SOON: An online do-it-yourself estate plan portal for Virginians!

I’ve created an exciting new way for Virginians to create their estate plans!

One of my goals in life is to bring legal services to regular people for reasonable prices. I believe that everyone should have a comprehensive estate plan that is compliant with all Virginia laws. I also believe that you shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices to create this plan.

So, I decided to build a do-it-yourself, online site that walks you through how to create your estate plan, step-by-step.

My site takes a comprehensive approach to make sure that you have thought of everything. Estate plans are more than just wills.

I provide all of the documents that you need to complete your plan, as well as full instructions to walk you through each task.

My site is user-friendly and includes helpful tips to guide you along the way as you make decisions. Here’s a preview:

You can download the templates and other worksheets directly from the site, where you are given simple instructions and explanations.

And, I’ve given you other tools, like a worksheet to leave important information for your loved ones.

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