Estate Planning

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Estate Planning is for everyone.


Did you know that divorced people accidentally leave their assets to their exes all the time in America? Don’t let this happen to you.

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Have children?

Court cases can take months or years if your children’s guardianship is contested after you die. Don’t leave it to a judge to decide what happens to your kids.


Estate Planning is for you, too! Make sure that the state does not determine what happens to your possessions if you die.

Estate Planning isn’t just about creating a will.

Are you a mental health practitioner?

A professional will outlines who will contact your clients and settle your professional responsibilities if you die or become disabled.

Getting married?

Planning isn’t just about death and disability. Prenuptial agreements are a good idea if you want peace of mind about a potential separation from your spouse.


Get peace of mind by updating your estate plan before you deploy.