Estate Planning

About Mathews Law Estate Planning

My estate planning practice serves all of Northern Virginia.

Mathews Law offers Estate Planning packages that include: Wills, Revocable Trusts, Power of Attorney, Medical Directives.

I also handle other, related documents when the situation calls for it.

How is Works

Potential clients can set-up an initial meeting here or by calling (866) 980-0838. We will discuss your estate, and I will answer any questions that you have. I’ll send you a contract to sign electronically and an intake form to gather your information. I will create your documents and send them to you for review. Once you approve, we will schedule the signing wherein I will provide the notary and two witnesses, and we will execute your documents. You take the originals home the same day, and I will send you a PDF of the executed documents for your records. If your estate plan includes executing a new deed, I will file it for you and send you the original once it is recorded with the county.

All signings are completed in my Alexandria office in Old Town at 211 N. Union Street, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22134.


I always charge flat rates for estate planning clients.

Will Package: $750. Includes: Last Will and Testament, Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney.

Trust Package: Individual – $1800, Couple – $2500. Includes: Revocable Living Trust, Pour-over Will, Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney.

Deed: $250.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estate plan?

A lot people hear the word “estate” and think that it doesn’t apply to them. But, an estate is simply all of your belongings and assets. And, you do need a plan! When you pass away, your family is going to need instruction from you about what to do with you belongings.

However, an estate plan does more than just contemplate your death. It also considers who would have authority to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. It plans for how your children would be cared for if you were to pass away. And, it allows you to give specific instruction about how your assets are distributed and when. It also gives you the chance to let your loved ones know how to make end of life decisions for you.

An estate plan consists of a will, medical directive (which includes a medical power of attorney and living will) and potentially, a power of attorney document and trust, if you choose. Some estate plans involve updating your deed as well and creating other documents of instruction. See the video below for what types of questions are answered in a comprehensive estate plan:

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