About Mathews Law Mediation

Mediation provides an opportunity for conflicted parties to work through their differences and come to a solution that is agreeable to both sides, while avoiding the high cost and stress of litigation.

Lisa Mathews is a certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia as a mediator for Circuit Court Family cases. While she specializes in family law mediation, she can handle a wide variety of mediation cases.

How It Works

Potential clients can set-up an initial meeting here or by calling (866) 980-0838. Each side may request a 15 minute free consult during which I can answer any questions about the process. If both parties decide to move forward, Mathews Law will send each an electronic contract, an intake form (online) and we will set-up a time for the mediation. The mediation can occur on Zoom or in person in my office in Old Town Alexandria (218 N. Lee St, Third Floor, Alexandria, VA 22134) where all Covid precautions are taken.

During the mediation (which may require more than one session), each side will be heard, and we will attempt to come to an agreement. Once the mediation is concluded, I will complete the mediated agreement. Payment is then required in full. Both parties then sign the agreement and are responsible to submit the agreement to the court, if applicable.


Mediation costs $250 per hour.

I charge 1 hour of time for the preparation work. The amount of post-mediation time charged depends on the complexity of the case. All fees must be paid in full before the agreement is provided.