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Estate Planning

I believe one of the most loving things you can do for your family is create a thoughtful estate plan.


Many conflicts can and should be resolved out of court.

Criminal Defense

I handle misdemeanor cases for courts in Northern Virginia.

Lisa Mathews, Attorney and Counselor at Law

I believe everyone deserves reasonably-priced and competent legal advice and representation.

I always offer a free consultation (Zoom or by phone) and charge reasonable fees.

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I work in courts throughout Northern Virginia and offer services virtually throughout the state.

I sometimes handle other types of cases depending on availability.



Lisa Mathews was hands down the best advocate/ mouthpiece/ councilor / attorney/ lawyer I have ever hired! She took charge of my custody case and I have never regretted the day I darkened her door. I came to her in need for my rights as a father and she REALLY DELIVERED. I shed a tear after the final order— complete legal custody. Thank you Lisa, you are a godsend.

Lisa Mathews is the best! I never needed an attorney and was really apprehensive about working with one, but when I was sued, I had no choice. Lisa was thoughtful, took the time I needed, and helped me understand legal processes that were foreign to me. I have referred friends and family to her and would use her again if needed.

I‘ve sought legal counsel from Mathews on a few occasions. She’s always been thoughtful and thorough in her response and very available. I’ve appreciated her willingness to think through possible solutions I hadn’t thought of and her ability to quickly reference areas of law (that I, of course, don’t know about.) . When discussing how I wanted to deal with my will and trust, she was also willing to talk through my concerns and each scenario as it pertains to my kids. I would absolutely return to her if the need arises.

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Mathews Law, PLLC seeks to serve the community by offering competent legal and mediation services that are reasonably priced.

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