Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney to Create a Living Will is One of the Most Important Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones

When people think of estate planning, if they think of it, they think about wills and maybe trusts or where one’s property will go at one’s death. Making sure that your property is handled according to your wishes in a way that blesses your loved ones is very important.

However, arguably even more important is your living will. A living will, sometimes called a health care directive, allows you to make medical decisions for when a time comes that you cannot speak for yourself. You can define, with as much detail as you wish, what sort of life-saving efforts should be made on your behalf should the need arise. You can also name a representative who will have authority to make medical decisions on your behalf.

A Living Will is important for you, obviously, because it ensures your wishes are followed. However, a Living Will is even more important for your family and loved ones.

If such a time comes that decisions for you need to be made and you are unable to make them, your loved ones will find peace in knowing that your wishes are being carried out. Without a Living Will, families may disagree, causing tension that is escalated by the grief they are feeling and the enormity of decisions they are being forced to make.

A living will is your gift to them. It lets them know that you considered the situation already, and you made decisions for yourself so that they don’t have to.

Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney to draft a living will for you is an important step that could eventually bring a lot of peace to the ones you love.

Published by Lisa Mathews

Will and Trust Lawyer in Northern Virginia