Does an LLC have to go through probate if you die?

As a Virginia estate planning attorney, I often hear concerns from clients about the probate process and how to avoid it. Probate can be a lengthy, costly, and often complex process in Virginia, and many people want to find ways to minimize its impact on their estate and their loved ones. For individuals who ownContinue reading “Does an LLC have to go through probate if you die?”

Announcing a New Service: The Guidance Meeting for Executors

We are excited to announce the launch of our new service, the Guidance Meeting for Executors. Estate Planning involves naming multiple decision-makers such as a financial agent, health care agent, personal representative to settle your estate, and trustee to manage your trust if you choose to create one. We know that once the time comesContinue reading “Announcing a New Service: The Guidance Meeting for Executors”


Decided where your assets should go after you die is one of the primary purposes of an estate plan. One of the most common questions people have is who should be their beneficiaries. The good news is this decision is entirely up to you. Your assets can go entirely to one person, to multiple people,Continue reading “WHO ARE YOUR BENEFICIARIES?”


Your decision-makers will be responsible for ensuring your plan is followed and your wishes are honored.  Here’s a description of the types of decision-makers in an estate plan: If you would like help creating an Estate Plan, please reach set up a free consultation here. If you are an existing client and have a specificContinue reading “WHAT DO MY DECISION-MAKERS DO?”