Benefits of Creating an Estate Plan

COVID-19 has prompted many to contemplate important topics such as end-of-life decisions and estate planning. By making these choices and preparations in advance, families can ensure that they are carrying out the wishes of their loved ones and also prevent some of the difficulties that are often faced in these circumstances. The resources below touch on some basic questions regarding estate planning and the many benefits to creating a plan.  

Estate Planning Info & FAQs

This resource from the American Bar Association provides some background on the estate planning process and explains the documents that are typically included in an estate plan. 

6 Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

“While end-of-life planning may seem morbid, an estate plan can protect you and your assets not just after you die, but during your life as well.”

Leaving a legacy: Why everyone needs an estate plan

This resource expounds on some of the benefits of creating an estate plan and touches on some important issues to consider when beginning the estate planning process.

The expertise of an attorney can ensure that an estate plan is drafted and executed according to your wishes. State laws vary, and unexpected issues can sometimes arise if a “do it yourself” approach is taken in drafting a will or other key documents. Ultimately, an estate plan can serve as a roadmap for families confronting difficult end-of-life decisions or the division of assets. Advance preparation can help to ease mental and emotional burdens as uncertainties and guesswork are replaced with clear directives and plans.

Published by Lisa Mathews

Will and Trust Lawyer in Northern Virginia