There are multiple ways that people leave money to ex spouses, and some may surprise you. Leaving your ex in your will after you are separated. You decided the marriage needs to end, but you haven’t divorced yet, so you are separated from your spouse. You die. Surely the court knows that you don’t wantContinue reading “OVER YOUR DEAD BODY! (YOUR EX GETTING YOUR MONEY – THAT IS)”

Get your free Advance Medical Directive!

Haven’t gotten around to creating your estate plan yet? I get it, there is no good time to meet with a lawyer. 🙂I’m giving away a free Advance Medical Directive (with full instructions!) to get you started. This is the most important document in an estate plan and can save your loved ones a lotContinue reading “Get your free Advance Medical Directive!”

Benefits of Creating an Estate Plan

COVID-19 has prompted many to contemplate important topics such as end-of-life decisions and estate planning. By making these choices and preparations in advance, families can ensure that they are carrying out the wishes of their loved ones and also prevent some of the difficulties that are often faced in these circumstances. The resources below touchContinue reading “Benefits of Creating an Estate Plan”