Demystifying the Roles: Executor vs. Power of Attorney

Understanding the Role of an Executor and Power of Attorney As a Virginia estate planning lawyer, I often receive questions about the roles and responsibilities of an executor and a power of attorney (POA). Better understanding what these roles require will help you determine who should be named as you make your own estate plan.Continue reading “Demystifying the Roles: Executor vs. Power of Attorney”


Your decision-makers will be responsible for ensuring your plan is followed and your wishes are honored.  Here’s a description of the types of decision-makers in an estate plan: If you would like help creating an Estate Plan, please reach set up a free consultation here. If you are an existing client and have a specificContinue reading “WHAT DO MY DECISION-MAKERS DO?”


Decision-makers are those who will make decisions for you when you cannot make them for yourself. These decision-makers are needed if you become disabled or when you die. Take the time to determine who decision-makers are early in the process to prevent delay. Prior to your consultation, we recommend determining both your primary and back-upContinue reading “WHO ARE YOUR DECISION-MAKERS?”