This is your plan and changes can be made when needed. 

Before Signing

If you are a current client and need to make changes to the documents before signing, simply let Mathews Law, PLLC know of the changes that need to be made. We will update your draft and send it to you for review before your signing date. 

Updates made before signing are included in the service package you have selected.

After Signing

Life happens and sometimes you need to make changes after you’ve signed your will or other documents. All documents are revocable and amendable at any time! For example, if you divorce or re-marry, you may want to update beneficiaries to include stepchildren. In this situation, a new estate plan would be needed. Contact us to let us know what changes you need, and we will create a new customized plan for you that includes your updated instructions. 

Updates made after your signing require a new service package. 

If you would like help creating an Estate Plan, please set up a free consultation

If you are an existing client and have a specific question, please let us know at admin@mathewslawpllc.com.

Published by Lisa Mathews

Will and Trust Lawyer in Northern Virginia